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America’s only natively
sourced caffeine

What’s Inside

Delta Brew is made with 100% Fire-Roasted Yaupon Holly.

More About My Tea

What is

Yaupon holly is the only
naturally caffeinated plant that
is native to North America.

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The Mississippi-Yazoo Delta is the birthplace of the blues and rock and roll. Here's some tunes to set the mood...

A New

A brief history of yaupon
holly and the region.

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About Yazoo

Yazoo Yaupon was founded in the Mississippi Delta to bring back the ancient and amazing Yaupon Holly. For over 8,000 years, Yaupon has been a force for good in the world. It has been a sacred herb, a ceremonial purifier, and a deliciously energizing beverage. Can you feel the good vibes yet? Fix yourself a cup, and become a part of the Yaupon story.

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